Full Name : Rain Viselli (Given first name unknown)
Age : 19
Height : 5′7″
Blood Type : O-Negative
Hair : Red
Eyes : Green

She’s apparently wanted by a nefarious government agency and she works a crappy day-job. She is sarcastic, witty, a bit put off by the world at large which is in fact populated with a variety of superheroes and villians.

Rain currently lives in Koreatown, Los Angeles, California, across the hall from her best friend Maddie. She has unusual abilities, and is looking for signs of her sister, Cadence, who as near as we know was in the same orphanage as Rain was. How Rain came to be where she is now is still unknown.

Living in Los Angeles has been hard due to her “secret-fugitive” status… high levels of Police presence make her nervous. Also, since she believes her sister to be in this city somewhere… that means she can’t leave… yet.

Full Name : Madeleine (last name unknown)
Age : 21
Height : 5′4″
Blood Type : AB-Negative
Hair : Brown
Eyes : Brown

The best friend. Madeleine is loving, caring and a beautiful soul. She is a bit oblivious at times to the world’s problems and sometimes get’s stuck in her own little world – which revolves largely around her boyfriend, Best. She lives in the apartment across from Rain.


Full Name : Unknown
Age : 24
Height : 5′11″
Blood Type : A-Positive
Hair : Light Brown w/ frosted blonde highlights
Eyes : Blue

Best is well known for his innate ability to get into trouble without even trying. He is liked enough by Rain, to still be called a friend, even though he knows she finds him extremely annoying at times.

Full Name : Unknown
Age : 57
Height : 5′9″
Blood Type : A-Negative
Hair : Balding White
Eyes : Gray

The General. While his true intentions remain unclear, he appears to be steely hearted and ruthless in his pursuits. He operates out of a secret underground military installation somewhere in Southern California.


Full Name : Unknown
Age : Unknown
Height : 5′11″
Blood Type : Unknown
Hair : Sandy Brown
Eyes : Reddish

Kaine is apparently a member of a Los Angeles based “supergroup”. He has known Rain for a while now and has also been the messenger in terms of an offer for Rain to join the supergroup he belongs to. Someone who we’ve only heard refered to as the “witch” runs the group.

Not much is known about Kaine, although it appears that Rain knows more about him than he realizes. And whatever his abilities – sneakiness is supposed to be a part of it but Rain somehow knows when he is around.

He is nimble, quick, agile and fast.

Full Name : Unknown
Age : 28
Height : 5′9″
Blood Type : B-Negative
Hair : Black
Eyes : Blue

He is a local fence and underworld expediter, who from time to time has assignments that he gives to Rain to accomplish. Not much else is known about him at this time.


Full Name : Cashus Tambor
Age : 45
Height : 5′9″
Blood Type : AB-Negative
Hair : Greyish
Eyes : Grey

Cash is a private detective that Rain has hired to help her locate her sister. He is seedy, unethical, drunk, and driven by money. He is also astonishingly good at what he does. He is always looking for more money – more and more…

For more of the backstory on how Rain became an online graphic novel, please read The Genesis of Rain.

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